Biology of the Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita in the taiga zone of north-western Russia

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© N.V. Lapshin. Biology of the Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita in the taiga zone of north-western Russia // Avian Ecol Behav. 4, 2000: 1-30

Institute of Biology, Karelian Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodsk 185610, Russia


Chiffchaffs at different sites in Karelia were studied over the years 1973-1999 using the following field methods: mass trapping during the whole period of stay in their breeding area, individual marking by colour rings and sightings of marked birds, mapping of nests, breeding territories and brood ranges in 25 ha sample plots in the study area, nest searches. Chiffchaffs breed in Karelia near the northern edge of their range. They prefer middle-aged or long-boled managed forests with variable vegetation. Breeding density decreases from southern (3.6-14.7 pairs-km”2) to northern Karelia (1.1-3.6 pairs-km”2). In most favourable years it does not exceed 28 pairs-km”2, that is much less than in southern and eastern parts of its range. Long-term observations suggest fluctuations in numbers with long periods of low breeding density. First males arrive to Karelia in April (13 April – 3 May, mean 21 April), whereas females do not arrive until May (27 April – 19 May, mean 6 May). Local breeders arrive during the peak passage in late April – early May. Juveniles leave their natal areas immediately after gaining independence, from 22 July until early October, mean date is 1 September. Local adults depart in mid or late September. Late juveniles are recorded throughout October. Adults are recorded until late September – early October (males until on average 26 September, females until 25 September). The period of stay in Karelia is 147-189 days over the years of study (mean 171 days) [...]

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